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Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself here a little bit, and get my name out there, you don't have to watch, or even follow, but for those who are curious about some ligerish actions here you go!

I'm a 28 year old liger from the snowy lands of Finland. Forgive me about the typos.. Still learning while typing, streaming and while having fun ;)

I have been streaming for couple weeks now. Currently i have 20 followers and getting couple people watching while i stream. Usually i'm playing CS:GO with some of my IRL friends and folks seem to be interested when someone with a twitch in name pops in to play games. You can see me playing quite a lot of new games (Even stream if the computer allows it.) If that isn't an option i'm planning to make playthroughs for Youtube and already started my first playthrough of Borderlands Telltale games. Although it's much more fun to chat with folks in the chat at the same time while you are playing.


My goal is to hopefully some day turn this Streaming, Youtubing and blogging as a career where i could play and have fun with other folks who enjoy playing. My unique trait is being a brutally honest person without any filter between the brain and the mouth. You can see this happening quite a lot if you hop in to watch the stream and there is some CS:GO action going on and someone is being a total nublet. It's sometimes RAAAGEE time..

I also love to play the games in the hardest mode possible since it feels more rewarding. I'm pretty passionate about games that i play and aim for the "Git gud" attitude where i'm doing something wrong and just have to get better. I'm also really positive person and encourage other people to do their best when they are actually pretty good but missing some critical points.


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Casual streamer: CS:GO, MMO:s, RPG:s


For my main job i'm a Freelance Web Designer and since running a business takes quite a lot of time i don't currently have a consistent schedule for streaming. That's why i thought it could be a good idea to promote some awesome streamers that i for myself like to watch. So people who are interested have always something to do. Either on the website or in the stream :) My gaming history is a bit MMO orientated and i have been playing Perfect World International for the whole time others were playing WOW. After that Guild Wars 2, Borderlands 2, CS:GO. Hopefully i will find an awesome new MMO to get addicted to! :D

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