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I just started streaming so I have no set schedule. But you can expect to find me most likely on weekends or holidays! I strive to be myself when playing videogames, so you can expect the things I say to be genuine. I like to talk to chat a lot. I think talking to chat while gaming is stupid amounts of fun. You can expect me to play a lot of Dark Souls/ Dark Souls 2 and Bloodborne. I may be trying horror games, because I know I am not good at them. I know a lot of people enjoy watching horror game streamers, especially when they react genuinely. I see my channel like one of those social meet-ups way back then when people sat together in a room to play games. For this reason, I prefer to stay chat active so that viewers feel the same way.

My set up right now is a semi-potato computer and PS GOLD headset. I am making do with what I have until I feel like I can invest into more streaming.

I am doing this for fun and in no way doing this for money. This is because with going to university soon, this can only be seen as a pass time for me.

MY STREAM IS FOR MATURE AUDIENCES Or so it says, immaturity is okay as long as it does not become simple stupidity. So no racism/ sexism/ spam/ etc.

I just swear sometimes, I try not to to much because swearing every other sentence is silly.


-Interacting with chat mostly while playing the game. -Trying things the chat recommends. (pls no backseating though) -Having fun with chat.

When it comes to "unique" flairs, people who want to lounge around while a guy plays games are welcome. That is what I aim for atleast. It used to be something like my cousins coming over and we'd all laugh and talk and play a game together. I want that again. And I want people in chat that want to same thing to have it. A carefree, not 100% serious play! (unless seriousness is required)


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Dark Souls 1/2 Bloodborne Bioshock1/2/infinite Horror games


I watch anime. i don't update my MAL, but we can talk in chat about things! I play a lot of games, mostly dark souls/ soulsy type games.

I like boxing, but I don't do it much anymore because my body can't keep up. I play the trombone and am a Musician! TALK TO ME ABOUT MUSIC! I like Chem, Bio and Physics! TALK ABOUT THOSE TOO!

I am very bad at FPS! So no CoD! FUNgineer

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