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I'm a man living on the US's east coast who enjoys gaming. I have an awesome cat, she's a 17 year old elderly lady named Jade. I play nearly every genre excepting MOBAs, MMOs (With the exception of EVE) and sports games.

I just recently started streaming, so please excuse the roughness of my channel. I have a donate button set up already, but I don't expect my channel to be worth donating to quite yet.

I wouldn't mind doing this for a living, really I'd prefer to get into voice acting. Hoping to use this as a vehicle for that since a lot of the equipment I would need for amateur work to build a portfolio is similar.


What sets me apart? I'm a fat guy working on being fit. I've lost 100 lbs and have more to go. I'm working on building a YouTube channel aimed at helping fat fucks like myself start their own road to fitness. It's not announced or mentioned on my main channel yet, but it will be talked about on my channel once I return to the path of fat loss.


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7 days to die, Hearthstone, Renowned Explorers: International Society, Smite, Overwatch when I regain access.


Holy shit this question... nerd cred? Gaming history? I've been a gamer since I was 4 in 1984 playing my father's Atari 2600. I received a NES at 8. While I don't have the desire to stick with a game long enough to reach pro gamer levels at it, I very quickly develop well above average skills at it. My main strength as a gamer is adaptation, against all except the very best I will eventually figure out how someone plays and adapt to counter it.

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