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Gaming for life! I've had so many memorable experiences growing up with video games. I'd like to continue having such a great time and share it with others. Join me in the adventure.


My goals are to have a casual stream with viewers working towards an ingame goal. Beating a boss, finding an item, completing an achievement, leveling new class or character, just playing all aspects of the game that seem like a fun thing to do. I am friendly gamer who likes to help others in game, getting more players the things they want in game makes the game more enjoyable and hopefully helps spread the help/joy around to other players.


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Trove and Devilian mostly


I got a nintendo in the late 80's (I was about 5 or 6) with super mario bros/duck hunt and the legend of zelda. This started my life long enjoyment of gaming. I loved nintendo and got every console and handheld ever released from them until the wiiU. Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon games made up the majority of my game time.

Games like Sim Ant, Sim City, Descent, Quake, Half Life and Command and Conqure introduced me to online PC games in the early 90's.

I branched out even more and picked up a playstation, xbox, dreamcast and a sega game gear in years to follow. Playing everything I could possibly get my hands on, I found so many wonderful games all with different characters, playstyles and graphics.

The memories I've made playing games are some of the best ones I have in my life and I want to continue making memories with games and with the people whom I game.

So Game On and Have fun!

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