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EversioGaming™ Hey Guys, whats up? My name is Eversio, but most people simply call me Ever. I'm a Livestreamer, Youtuber, Professional Trickshotter, Gaming Enthusiast and your Average Chicken-Eater from Canada who loves to have a great time with friends and viewers! I love to interact with people on here and play games with them, as well as have my own adventures as well. I'm here to make your life better :D I hope to see you in one of my streams sometime, and we can have a good time :) I want to make as many of you smile as possible. If I can achieve that, then my work for the day is done.


My main goal on Twitch is to make everyone who comes into my stream smile at least once. If I can achieve that goal, then my work is done. I want to share my happiness with others and build an active, friendly community on Twitch that can call each other a family. There's not only a connection between the Streamer and Viewer, but the viewers can co-exist together and so can streamers with other streamers. I am still young, but I want to make that dream a reality before my youth leaves me.


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I'm a variety streamer who loves to play almost every single genre of video games, and I sometimes play what viewers request. I play a whole heap of PC games, and PS3 games as well. My mains are DayZ, H1Z1, The Call of Duty series, Minecraft, and I get my hands on new releases as well.


Oh god. Get ready for a huge gaming history:

I've been gaming since early childhood. My first console was the PS2, and I played almost every single classic known to man. I'm talking about Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank and so on. I was hooked on that, and I didn't see the need to get a PS3 because I was enjoying myself too much and I never got bored of the PS2. I also got a Wii as well, but I didn't put too much time into that. But as always, they don't put so much effort into the previous generation consoles anymore and they discontinued the PS2 games. So, I had to get a PS3. I'll be honest, I didn't enjoy myself as much as the PS2, but I still loved every aspect of the PS3. The online community was amazing and funny, and I was happy that you can buy classics on the PSN store.

Later on, I purchased the Elgato Game Capture Card. I had a dream to do Youtube, so I started creating daily content. It was hard work, but I stayed true to my dream. I also wanted to Livestream on Twitch, but I wasn't sure how to work out OBS or anything like that at the time. So a year later of daily uploads to Youtube, I got burnt out because after a year, I couldn't even get past the 300 subscribers. It made me depressed and I gradually stopped uploading. Other friends were getting so many more subscribers and viewers than me and they uploaded every month. I didn't get it. I was sad, disappointed, and felt like I wasted time and money on a useless thing. It affected my social life, my school work, relationships and everything. That tends to happen when your dream crashes down right infront of you.

Then, Twitch came back into view. I had a new goal. I didn't want anyone to feel as disappointed and let down like I was. I wanted to make people happy and to encourage people to follow their dreams. I realized that their happiness made me happy. I now have a small community of maybe 15-20 people. Its not much, so this is why I want to grow my community and have them help eachother with their own problems, have fun, joke around, and be like a second family to each other. The online community can be a brutal, toxic wasteland. But during my almost one year experience on Twitch, it has some beauty and great people in it. I am not sure what the limit is on here and I don't want to type out too much things, because I'm scared I'll be rejected. But that is pretty much the summary of how I ended up here.

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