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Hi, my names Pryde. I'm from California and I'm currently trying to stream as much as possible as of 2016. I stream several games, but mainly World of Warcraft and League of Legends.

I've been 2.3k on WoW and Diamond 3 in League of Legends, so I've excelled higher than an average player and take rated modes more serious when I'm playing competitively.

As of now, I work for my Moms business, but have a dream and goal of one day making streaming a Part time / Full Time job. I currently don't have the best setup for streaming but I am working on it so I can stream on a regular basis.

Some people find me entertaining, some don't. I guess that's just how it goes. I try to interact with chat as much as possible. I love meeting new people and seeing old viewers come back to watch me again. I try to make a fun / comedic yet competitive atmosphere in my stream just so people can have a good time and watch actual game play when they tune in. The more I see people join and even having just a slight higher viewer count motivates me to keep streaming knowing that people enjoy what they're watching.

As far as viewer interaction goes, I try to notice everyone new and old in the stream. I've even gotten to know some of my Mods personally and chat with some of them off stream. Regardless of being a broadcaster, I find it that having a good friendship with a viewer encourages them to come back and tune in.


My main goal is to attract people who want to watch competitive yet entertaining game play. I know when I watch a stream I don't want to watch someone who's monotone all the time and just jumps around on screen alt-tabbed browsing.

Another goal of mine is to make streaming my job. Gaming is a hobby, and some day I wish to make it something that I get paid to do. Just imagining paying bills with money you made playing a game you love is just what I hope to do some day.

There are several unique things about me that would attract people. My attitude for one is a thing that I believe would attract people. Regardless of what happens I try to keep a positive attitude. Kind of like a "keep knocking me down but I'll keep getting back up" sort of deal. I try to be as nice yet aggressive as much as I can when it comes to playing.

Another thing would probably be music taste. A lot of streamers play the typical EDM / Trap sort of music, which dont get me wrong I do aswell, but I listen to almost every genre. Which means I'll probably most likely listen to a song you request and like it.


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World of Warcraft, League of Legends,


  • World of Warcraft - WoTLK - 2.2k as Arms Warrior Season 8 Cata - 2k as Subtlety Rogue Season 12 MoP - 2.3k as Arms Warrior Season 15

  • League of Legends - Season 2 - Gold Season 3 - Diamond Season 4 - Diamond (2 accounts) Season 5 - Diamond (3 accounts) with several alt accounts in platinum Visual-MMO Riot Sponsored Bi-Weekly Tournament - 1st place Visual-MMO Riot Sponsored Bi-Weekly Tournament #2 - 2nd Place

  • Counter-Strike - 1.6 - Local LAN Bo5 First Place 1.6 - Local LAN Bo3 Third Place CS:GO - Legendary Eagle

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