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I am BulletzQS! I have been involved in the Twitch community since March 12th of 2012. I live, breathe, and bleed purple because the people in this community are the amazing people that make it what it is. From everything that I have done from helping on the Reddit to becoming a @TwitchSupport Volunteer, I want to do anything to make this community bigger and better. With over 2100 tweets within just the @TwitchSupport category alone to help the people within the community in anyway that I can! (I may have more Twitch merch than some staff members :)


I want to help anyone and everyone that I can! I am not afraid to be wrong or ask for help when it is needed. I am an all around people person that is not afraid to talk to anyone about anything. One day I hope to work at Twitch to help the community and users in anyway that I can no matter where I am in the company. I have over 4+ years experience in Digital Imaging and Digital 3D modeling and have a creative mind!


I stream any type game that I am playing with friends at the time weather it be Overwatch, Call of Duty, Gears of War, Payday 2, and anything else!


I have been playing video games ever since I can remember starting with the GameCube and the original GameBoy. I spend every waking moment involved in either playing games, talking about them, or helping people with them. I use to play competitive Call of Duty back in the day when it was a lot more popular (which I was not too bad at.) I play games on the PC master race and the XBone with any of my friends. Always there to have a good time :)