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Twitch Name TwitchDB Profile Games Date
PrivateAtom View Profile I don't stream as such myself! But i prefer games that require creative and strategy skills for games. 1/1/2016
TwitchySpooky View Profile 1/1/2017
midnightblaze_ View Profile Currently - Darksiders: Warmastered Edition on PS4. Many more things planned in the future! 1/1/2017
RieSonomura View Profile A wide variety; RPGs, survival horror, visual novels, indie... 1/1/2017
iblakeyx View Profile Ill mainly be streaming wow and Path of Exile (Im only new to this one but having so much fun!) 1/1/2017
Firesofiso View Profile I like to play Action RPGs, Puzzle games, Adventure games, Platformers, and especially Metroid-Vanias. I would like to have a day in my schedule devoted to old school Snes and n64 games. 1/1/2017
Mudpick View Profile Creative and Music 1/1/2017
TheUrge101 View Profile Overwatch, Archeage, GTA 5 1/1/2017
nitsua101 View Profile Anything really 1/10/2016
Hurgleman View Profile Variety 1/10/2016
Aetph View Profile Shooters (Overwatch, Paladins), Smite, RPGs, and really whatever I think might be fun/entertaining to stream. 1/10/2017
Sl1ck43 View Profile 1/10/2017
DienamicTV View Profile After a long time of contemplating what games I should stream regularly, I think that I would like to stream Smite the most. I of course will play other games as well. On top of that, if I am recording gameplay to use in a future video for my YouTube channel, you bet that I will stream that as well! 1/10/2017
butter_nubs View Profile Doom, ROcket League, CoD, Battlefield, Battlefront, Hard single player games. 1/10/2017
realhiimboosted View Profile League of Legends, Final Fantasy, and sometimes other games such as The Elder Scrolls series and various other games. 1/10/2017
SolidSegal View Profile I stream Competitive games for half of the day where viewers can join in the fun. These games consist of: DayZ (Hunt Me), Battlefield 1, Paragon, and more! Single Player story games for the other half of the day! 1/10/2017
DigiKrypt View Profile FPS, Retro, Story Rich Games. I also stream a lot of old games that are classics. 1/10/2017
kewardon View Profile I play whatever really. I enjoy a good singlelpayer experience more than anything. And, games with good music. 1/10/2017
AliKhat21 View Profile Destiny, GTA, Skyrim, Dark souls III, Bloodborne... will update when more comes to mind 1/10/2017
Funky6399 View Profile Dirt Rally, F1 2016, Tetris, Minecraft, other stuffs 1/10/2017