TwitchDB is a project developed to help and enable streamers to better their craft. For any questions on how to use the site, see the FAQ.

The Twitch Subreddit started very humble and we stored our intro database in a Google Documents file. This worked for a while, but as the subreddit grew that file became larger and harder to manage.
Because of that, we needed a better way to manage everything. In addition, we can now provide a platform that will help promote streamers and recieve feedback on how to improve their streams.
This site will also be a resource for other tools that will be developed and added in the "stream resources" section as time goes on. The stream resource section will also be a quick, one stop shop for some of the most common tools a streamer may need to get the ball rolling.

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Hello everyone! I am a r/Twitch community helper, Active twitch user and a [@TwitchSupport]( Volunteer. You will mostly find me in speedrunning channels these days. My love for the Twitch community is beyond measure. I started using Twitch around 2012 but I started being active around 2015. Feel free to message me on Twitch or Twitter if you have any questions at all, I would gladly help you with whatever I can!
Hi! My name is SaaiTV. I'm 19, I like dank memes, and I'm a /r/Twitch Moderator and @TwitchSupport Volunteer. I spend the large majority of my free time helping and giving advice to the wonderful people of the Twitch community, either on the /r/Twitch subreddit or on Twitter to those who tweet @TwitchSupport
My name is Alex, but around the internet I go with the alias "Decicus", or sometimes "Cactus". I'm 19 years old, and I currently reside in Norway. I don't stream very often, but sometimes I want to play through a game and I decide to stream every day until I complete it. Whenever I'm not moderating for /r/Twitch, I like to do web development. Which varies from simple sites to a bit more complicated systems.
/r/Twitch Moderationer Twitch Admin I like video games
Yo! Shadow7557 here, a Twitch addict and dank memer who spends most his time watching streams and acquiring useless skills/facts. I help out on the [@TwitchSupport feed](https: as a volunteer and I am also a Junior Moderator for [r/Twitch](
I'm a mentally ill Scottish streamer with a passion for cheesecake. I have a cat named Gimli who makes an appearance on stream occasionally. I'm a Twitch Support Volunteer and a mod for /r/Twitch
Hi, I'm Liam! Twitch Admin, /r/Twitch Moderator and dank memer since before you were born, son! I have been moderating the /r/Twitch sub since July 2014 and have been an active Twitch Admin since December 2015 - providing volunteer support on both the subreddit and Twitter for over 2 years prior. I'm a computer nerd - love all things hardware, server, networking, Windows. Furthermore I'm a hands-on person - making stuff, breaking stuff, fixing stuff, I will never pay someone else to do a job that I can watch a YouTube video on and learn how to do in a few minutes. In closing, memes. ┴┬┴┤( ͡° ͜ʖ├┬┴┬
I'm Streusei or Streusel and I'm all about playing games. I am just trying to have fun here and enjoy all these games, whilst trying to get better at them obviously, so if it takes 100 hours or 200 hours to get good at CS:GO I'll invest that time into it. I enjoy playing competitive games first person shooters (FPS) or simple games like Minecraft for hours on end so you might see me one day playing CS:GO and the next playing 6 or 7 hours of Minecraft or maybe a few too many matches of League of Legends. I'm pretty open so do feel free to drop by and start a conversation with me, I'm always happy to chat with my viewers.
r/twitch mod @twitchsupport volunteer Pleb lord
Hey, I'm Heep! I don't stream often, but it's something I'd love to be able to do more often. I like to try to be as helpful as possible and help out in several communities. On my streams, I am hoping to be able to have fun and be able to create some new community tools. I'm trying not to explain the rest of the intro sections here, so I'll leave it at that. Reddit: /u/Heep123 Twitter: @Heep123
Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself here a little bit, and get my name out there, you don't have to watch, or even follow, but for those who are curious about some ligerish actions here you go! I'm a 28 year old liger from the snowy lands of Finland. Forgive me about the typos.. Still learning while typing, streaming and while having fun ;) I have been streaming for couple weeks now. Currently i have 20 followers and getting couple people watching while i stream. Usually i'm playing CS:GO with some of my IRL friends and folks seem to be interested when someone with a twitch in name pops in to play games. You can see me playing quite a lot of new games (Even stream if the computer allows it.) If that isn't an option i'm planning to make playthroughs for Youtube and already started my first playthrough of Borderlands Telltale games. Although it's much more fun to chat with folks in the chat at the same time while you are playing.